Providing specialist security solutions for almost 30 years, Halo Group Security provides Air, Land and Sea-based tailor-made electronic systems.   Their innovative approach ensures clients are kept up to speed on some of the most advanced solutions not visible to the open world.

With a greater demand for global protection and privacy, especially in the maritime industry, Halo keeps clients up to speed on potential threats both above and below sea-level, including the latest advances in drone technology.

‘Every client has their own set of requirements based on potential threat levels and budget’, explains Alan McCormick Head of Security Architecture.  ‘It is always about a layered approach with no one solution to fit all’.   Back on land, the team provide advanced CCTV offerings in addition to perimeter surveillance.  This allows faster response to potential threat by distinguishing movement patterns and questioning change for both residential and commercial properties.

For further information, to register your interest in a seminar or to speak to a member of the team, please call: +44 (0) 1252 915 315 or email: info@halogroupsecurity.com