An amalgamation of three industry leaders, each with a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields for over 30 years, to present a multi-level integrated security platform to their maritime clientele at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.

The three companies work together seamlessly, each covering one of the three key areas in maritime security – PHYSICAL, ELECTRONIC and CYBER. Branded 360 Maritime Security, the initiative is driven by Priavo Security, Halo Group Security and Infosec Partners, who will be holding confidential sessions for industry leaders, captains & manufacturers at this year’s show – bookings in advance.

Superyacht owners, guests and crew are increasingly subject to International terrorism, cyber-attack and piracy. Opportunistic attacks from organised gangs are a constant global threat in port and at sea, using a combination of threat vectors to confuse and disrupt the vessel. This requires protection services from physical, electronic and cyber disciplines which have historically been managed by different teams. For full risk mitigation, we provide a variety of security services for full physical and electronic deterrence whilst on board. These include armed maritime transits through High Risk Areas, executive protection, crew training, counter surveillance, TSCM and K9 units for detection of narcotics and explosives. All services and controls have a cyber element and 360 maritime security was designed to efficiently integrate services to ensure our clients are protected across all disciplines with a cost-effective solution.


Priavo is a leading Security and Risk Management company, providing realistic end to end risk mitigation strategies for a variety of clientele including governments, international agencies, corporates, UHNW and High- profile individuals. We specialise in Executive Protection, Intelligence Reporting, Maritime Operations and Journey Management. We have extensive maritime experience from time served within UK Special Forces Boat Service, Maritime Anti-Terrorist Units, Intelligence Services and the Royal Marine Commandos. All operations are intelligence led: thorough risk analysis and planning ensures a robust and innovative security solutions with comprehensive advice on every aspect of security. Our team has successfully delivered over 4,500 intelligence led armed transits to date, with extensive experience across anti-piracy operations and the protection of Superyachts and commercial vessels.


The creative mind behind security architecture at Halo Group Security has helped to evaluate and advise clients for many years on some of the most advanced electronic systems not visible to the open world. Providing greater precision in identifying and assessing potential threats at a much earlier stage, protecting clients and their assets both above and below sea-level. Assisting with both navigation and security, tools include CCTV, access control, military spec 360 Thermal imaging radar and long-range cameras. Whilst UAV surveillance can establish hazards and safe routes above the surface, sonar tracks below. Each electronic system is carefully integrated into current on-board systems and managed from the bridge or central control room.


Infosec Partners cybersecurity focuses on the protection, detection and response to all cybersecurity threats. Providing expert security incident response and cyber threat intelligence through 247 managed security services. Incorporating security threat assessment and the design of an integrated security fabric of controls for all onboard IT & OT systems along with breach simulation testing and formal certification of the vessel, crew and electronic systems, all delivered as an on demand service, including breach remediation and emergency response in the event of a serious incident.

360 Maritime Security offers advice on every aspect of Physical, Electronic and Cyber maritime security, carefully considering the unique safety and privacy requirements of each individual client.

For further information, to register your interest in a seminar or to speak to a member of the team, please call: +44 (0) 1252 915 315 or email: